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Technological innovation direction of electronic components

Technological innovation direction of electronic components

Date:2009-07-30 Views:656

Chip resistor will continue to be the mainstream product of resistors, its size will continue to shrink, and the 0603 type products will enter the stage of scale application. The demand for high resistance, low resistance and high voltage resistors will be expanded, and the production and application of thin film resistor will be further expanded, and the 2 - and 4 - Lian - 1005 type composite resistors will go on the field. High power, miniaturization, high stability and high precision will still be the development direction of the metal film resistor. At the same time, it will reduce the current noise and increase the added value. The development of digital technology has opened up a new application field of metal film resistor. Its precision and ultra precision products are not replaced by chip resistors. Therefore, There will still be a certain market space. Wire wound resistor will develop towards safety (flame retardant), high accuracy and small size. Low resistance is a trend worth noticing.
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