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The report of the 2018 annual meeting of the double circle -- "better tomorrow"

The report of the 2018 annual meeting of the double circle -- "better tomorrow"

Date:2018-02-12 Views:924

In this year, the 2018 Year Party of the Bengbu double circle Electronics Group was held in the 27 Cultural Palace of Bengbu in February 4, 2018. All the staff gathered together to meet the new spring.

At the beginning of the party, Li Fuxi, the chairman of the company, made a cordial greeting and good wishes for the new year to the staff of the double circle group. At the same time, the company also gave a full affirmation to the company's achievements in 2017, encouraging all the staff to achieve more brilliant achievements in 2018.

"Work means responsibility" this sentence, in their body vividly, sincere by heart, big wave gold rush, in our hearts, they are conscientious and conscientious, conscientious and responsible in their respective posts, to make the work to the extreme, thus become our example, give us the power of work. In order to encourage more people to enter the model team, the company solemnly issues advanced producers, advanced workers, excellent salesmen, excellent industry craftsmen, excellent double ring craftsmen, excellent middle level, excellent general manager and so on many awards, calling on all the staff to learn from them. The chairman gave them certificates and bonuses to encourage them to take the lead in the new year and make new contributions.

The company has provided a stage for employees to show themselves, and their partners have brought a dazzling performance. They put into it a happy feast for the big family. As one round of the round of lottery draws up the climax of the annual meeting, the company's leadership and staff interaction, lottery, awards, wonderful performance, so that singing, applause, cheering has been rippling in the meeting.

The whole year will be successfully concluded in a harmonious, warm and joyous atmosphere. Farewell to a brilliant 2017, ushered in a promising 2018.

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