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Enterprise introduction

BDS electronics inc. is a resistor professional manufacturer, founded in 1985, specialized in various kinds of precision resistors, precision resistance network,Thick film resistor development and production and sales. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the double circle group. The main products of the company are EE, RE, UAR, RN (RJK) precision metal film resistor, UPRN type double row precision resistor network, MELF precision columnar resistor, RJ series semi precision metal film resistor, RX70, RX71 series precision wire wound resistor,Precision thick film chip resistor,Power type thick film resistor,CHS type high resistance chip resistor,HVR type high voltage resistor,GST type high resistance resistor,CMP series precision mould resistor and film resistor.

The product has high reliability, high stability, high precision, low temperature drift and other technical indicators.  It can be widely used in the defense military and electronic equipment for precision instrument, electronic weighing apparatus, aerospace, aviation, ship and so on. The products of three series of RN (RJK), EE and RE produced by our company have been listed in the optimization catalogue of Aerospace Military Electronic components in 1991, and the products have been set up for national aerospace and key projects many times.

The company provides users with the first class products, the first-class quality and the first-class service.

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Website address: www.bds.com.cn/en.php

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