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Bengbu Doublecircle Electronics Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1966, originally named Bengbu radio six factory. In the past 50 years, enterprises have been exploring the law of development, gradually becoming stronger and bigger, and developing from a smaller collective enterprise into a modern corporation with strong influence and industry competitiveness.

Since 1985, the company has established a joint venture between China and the United States. Since 1985, the company has formed a joint venture between China and the United States, China and the United States, the Sino - Dan joint venture, the wes Electronics Co., Ltd., the Anhui Changsheng Electronics Co., Ltd., the Sino German joint venture. Bengbu Wei Chuang Far East Electronics Co., Ltd., Taiwan capital shares Bengbu inductance Technology Co., Ltd. and a branch factory. In 2005, it joined the German SRT resistance technology company to set up Sino German joint venture Resistor Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2011,Double circle successfully invested overseas in implementing the "going out" strategy and held a holding of the German SRT company, which laid a solid foundation for the realization of the group's overall strategic goal. In 2014, Changsheng company successfully launched the National SME share transfer system (third board), taking the first step in entering the capital market.

In the past fifty years, the staff of Double circle have made unremitting efforts to realize the continuous healthy and stable development of the group. The comprehensive strength has been greatly improved, and has made outstanding contributions to the field of military and civil electronic information.

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