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Chairman's speech

The chairman's speech:

On behalf of the more than 600 employees of the Bengbu Doublecircle Electronics Group Co., Ltd.  I sincerely appreciate the love, support and cooperation of the leaders at all levels, friends from all walks of life and the vast number of users.

Double circle was founded in 1966, and the generation of bicycles has always been passionate about their career blueprint. Enterprises always uphold the core values of "quality, innovation, efficiency and care" to create enterprise culture, accelerate transformation and development, and lose their ambition to start business innovation. After decades of continuous efforts, the enterprise has become a famous domestic resistor, inductor and electronic component research and development, production and management enterprises, products from the field of civil electronic information to aerospace  have different degrees of cooperation and industrial support.

In the face of economic development at home and abroad, opportunities and challenges coexist. We will accelerate the pace of development, optimize product mix, and comprehensively promote industrial upgrading. In the future, the double circle group will continuously improve its own value and unremittingly pursue the vision target of "sustainable management, making the best of the world famous brand of double circle electronic components".

We are willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life, mutual benefit and win-win, and jointly create a better future.

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