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Social responsibility

Social responsibility target

Serving the people and the people's livelihood

Bengbu Doublecircle Electronics Group Co., Ltd. integrates the development of enterprises into the national development strategy and the needs of the public, and has gathered in the main business areas which are closely linked to the national economy and are closely related to the people's life, and strive to do the best to ensure the national aviation and Aerospace Safety, national defense security and the promotion of the electronic industry. To develop and improve the contribution of the people's livelihood.

As a leading resistor, inductor and electronic component in the R & D, production and management of our country, the double circle group is committed to protecting the common home, establishing and implementing the environmental management system to minimize the impact on the earth's environment. Beautified modern industrial enterprises.

Health, safety and environmental protection

Double circle takes occupational health, safety production and environmental protection as an important content of fulfilling social responsibility. It runs through the strategy of sustainable development of the company, focusing on building an essential security, environment-friendly and resource-saving enterprise to realize the harmonious development of human, nature and environment.

Customer service

Double circle insists on constantly satisfying the customer's needs, striving to exceed the customer's expectation of the elite concept, taking the customer's needs as the center, expanding the service form, enriching the service connotation, improving the service ability and developing with the customer.

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