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Employee recruitment

In recruiting and hiring personnel, the company strictly follows the relevant requirements and regulations of the state and local labor laws and regulations, so as to standardize procedures and transparently.

1. Employee recruitment

Employees are recruited by human resources department personnel evaluation and professional evaluation by personnel department. After examination and background investigation, the staff can be approved by the person in charge of the human resources department and approved by the group leader.

2.Employment formalities

The handling procedures of employees are in accordance with the relevant requirements and regulations of the state and local labor laws and regulations. The labor contract is signed by the human resources department after consultation with the Ministry of human resources consultation and the labor signing rate is 100%. The company does not use labor dispatch personnel. The company promises to the public not to use child labour, nor to arrange minors to engage in taboo labor, and do not engage in sex discrimination, ethnic discrimination, racial discrimination, religious discrimination, and physiological discrimination.

Employee training

The company is guided by the values of fairness, tolerance, responsibility and integrity, and promotes technological capability and operational capability. We should formulate codes of conduct for employees, compile technical training materials, make annual training plans, enrich staff knowledge content and perfect knowledge structure.

1, strengthen the training of entry staff to help new employees quickly adapt to the enterprise.

2, actively do well in all levels of personnel training, and constantly improve the quality and management of staff. Especially for managers, carry out "amoeba management mode" special training.

3, continue to strengthen vocational skills training and appraisal, improve the quality of skilled personnel.

Double circle regards employees as the most important resources of the enterprise. Through system construction and cultural construction, it builds a "fair, enterprising and harmonious" enterprise atmosphere, maintains employees' rights and interests, respects employee value, promotes staff development, and promotes the common growth of employees and enterprises.

Double circle attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise culture, regularly organizes cultural propaganda and propaganda, and makes enterprise culture run through every corner of production and management, while giving full play to the role of the cultural position of the party and trade union organizations and enriching the amateur cultural life of the staff and workers.

Employee welfare

Year-end bonus, holiday fee, annual rest with pay, holiday benefits, quarterly labor insurance, professional training, summer cooling, field staff quarters, housing allowance, etc.

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