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The company has a strong technology research and development platform and strength, with complete product research and development center, product testing laboratory, military standard laboratory and comprehensive scientific research laboratory building, which laid a solid foundation for the research and development and production of new products. At the same time, the company has established a good relationship with Tianjin University, HeFei University of Technology, Anhui University, National University of Defense Technology, National University of Defense Technology, the 214 Research Institute of China weaponry industry, the 214 Research Institute of Chinese weaponry industry, and other units, and sent some professional and technical personnel abroad to study abroad. Peers first experience and technology, and carry out friendly cooperation. The double ring Electronics Group has a high quality staff team of nearly 1000 people, with more than 100 middle and senior professional titles and more than 100 R & D personnel. It specializes in the fields of electronic information, machinery, chemical, automatic control, computer and so on. The structure is reasonable, which forms the backing of the firm talents and the security of R & D capability.

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